Cleburne Adventist Christian School

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Tuition and Fees.
Standard Tuition and Fees for school year 2017-2018 are:
Registration      $250   Annually - due at registration
Pre-K 1/2 day    $2,220  or $220   Monthly (August - May)
Pre-K - 8            $3,600  or $360   Monthly (August - May)
2nd Student      $3,500  or $350   Monthly (same family)
3rd Student       $3,400  or $340   Monthly (same family)
4th Student       $3,300  or $330   Monthly ‚Äč(same family)


Discounts available to all students:
o   A Registration fee discount of $50.00 is available if paid by May 22, 2017.
o   A monthly discount of $10 per family is available for payment of tuition by the 10th of each month.
o   Monthly discounts for families with multiple children will apply as follows:
o   Second child is granted a $10.00 monthly discount
o   Third and subsequent children are granted a $20.00 monthly discount per child.
o   A discount of 5% is available for pre-payment of the entire year’s tuition.

Subsidies Available:
o   Cleburne First SDA Members:  Cleburne Adventist Christian School operates on a non-profit basis at a cost to students that is much less than the cost-per student to the school.  The difference is made up through donations and generous support from the Cleburne First Seventh-day Adventist Church.   Members of this church receive a $50 subsidy reduction in their tuition rate. 

o   Non-Cleburne First SDA Members: Several other local churches that do not operate an elementary school may pay a portion of your student’s account.  To take advantage of this opportunity, YOU must contact your church board and request assistance.  Upon approval for assistance being granted by your church, YOU must submit written approval to CACS signed by your pastor or treasurer.  CACS will then bill your church on a monthly basis for their portion of your child’s tuition.
Limited sources of Financial Aid are available for parents needing tuition assistance.  Please contact Harry McQueen, CACS Treasurer (817.645.1261) for details on availability and methods of application.  Application deadline is June 30.